UEP's "5-Star" Total Quality Assurance Food Safety Program is designed to assist egg producers, egg processors, and egg marketers in establishing programs that will meet a set of guidelines for food safety. Even though officials at USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service (APHIS) have estimated the risk to consumers from eating eggs contaminated with the Salmonella enteritidis (S.e.) bacterium is only one of every 235,000 eggs consumed and even though approximately 90% of all reported cases of eggs being implicated in human illness are in institutional locations and caused by mishandling of the product and that the risk to consumers only occurs when an S.e. positive egg is uncooked or undercooked, the egg industry developed food safety programs for consumer protection.

Using research from a pilot project funded by USDA, UEP wrote the "5-Star" Food Safety Program with a goal of providing protection of each critical point from the point of production to the point of consumer use.
The five critical points are:

1. Cleaning & Disinfecting of Poultry House

2. Rodent & Pest Elimination.

3. Proper Egg Washing.

4. Biosecurity.

5. Refrigeration at 45 degrees F. from the point of packing through delivery.

Additionally, the program has a testing procedure to validate the success of the program. The programs purpose: "To help ensure the safety of the nation's egg supply and provide consumers assurance that the egg industry is doing everything possible to produce a safe product." The egg industry has not limited their focus to only the farm. American Egg Board has distributed Egg Safety and Handling Guidelines to the restaurant trade and media.

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