Egg Recall Information

August 25, 2010 – Mussman’s Back Acres, Inc. would like to assure consumers that the eggs produced and distributed by our company are not included in the recent recalls.  For up to the date information on the recalls please visit

Our company follows standard industry procedures to comply with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Final Rule for Prevention of Salmonella enteritidis during production, transport and storage, which was made effective July 9, 2010.

Consumers are reminded that properly storing, handling and cooking eggs should help prevent food-borne illness. The Egg Safety Center and the Food and Drug Administration recommend that eggs should be fully cooked until both the yolks and the whites are firm, and consumers should not eat food that may contain raw or undercooked eggs. For more information on proper handling and preparation of eggs as well as a complete listing of known brands, codes and dates involved, including today’s additions, please visit

Thanks for stopping by the Mussmans Back Acres Website. We hope you enjoy your visit here. We just made a major update of the site so we hope you like the new look. To get around the website all of the major links are located in the header on the top of the page. Just click a link and it will take you to the page. We are real excited about the new millennium. We have added a new barn and have updated the number of birds so we can get even more eggs out to you. We at Mussmans Back Acres want to stress the quality difference between farms that buy eggs in and farms that produce their own eggs.

When a farm like us has an "inline" production facility that means that all of the Mussman brand eggs that you buy came right from our farm from our birds. What does that mean to you? Well it means you are assured the freshest possible product that money can buy. The reason being is that when our birds lay the eggs they are immediately washed and graded and then packed, the same day! Other farms that don't have their own birds have to buy eggs from other people. That means that the eggs may not be as fresh because they have to be transported from the farm to the actual packing facility.

This process can take weeks at times and during that time the eggs "do" lose some quality. When you buy Mussman brand eggs you get eggs from our farm and eggs that were packed the same day they were laid That means you will get the freshest egg possible. We also have adopted the 5 Star Egg program so be sure to check that page out to get all the info. on that program. Keep tuned to this page for future farm updates and future updates to the site. And stop by and sign the guestbook while you are here.

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